Tempe Highway Blocked Indefinitely; Greek Farmers Intensify Their Blockades


The farmers decided on Tuesday to show their unwillingness to back down on their demands by shutting down indefinitely the Tempe highway. The highway was expected to shut down for 24 hours on Monday night, however the farmers proceeded with a new plan on Tuesday noon.

In the meantime, representatives of the Tempe blockade are heading to Promachon, where there is a panhellenic meeting of all blockades (135 blockades it total, all over Greece). The purpose of the meeting is to present, discuss and form a plan of suggestions regarding the pension plan, the security funds and the cost of production. Depending on the unanimity of the demands, they will send out the plan tomorrow to PM Alexis Tsipras, the Parliament Head and the rest of the parties, in order to study their suggestions and to answer the farmers’ questions.

Regarding the rumors which had the farmers arriving in Athens on Friday with their tractors and buses and camping in Syntagma Square, there is a dichotomy in the embrace of the action. Some say that the struggle has been given up, others demand to start heading towards Athens in the beginning of next week, and others support that the real struggle and pressure comes from the roadblocks, which will suffice to cause a “black-out” in every important spot of the country.


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