Twenty SYRIZA MPs Propose Cannabis Legalization for Medical Purposes

kanavi.8.2.708Twenty SYRIZA lawmakers proposed in parliament on Monday the full legalization of cannabis for medical and pharmaceutical purposes.

The proposal was addressed to the Ministers of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights; Health; Economy; Development and Tourism; Agriculture and Food, Interior and Administrative Reconstruction.

MP Makis Balaouras was the first to sign the proposal arguing that the cultivation of industrial cannabis can be a positive factor in Greece’s efforts to redeploy the primary and secondary production and boost economy.

“Since 2013 we are waiting for the pertinent ministries to sign the legalization of industrial hemp. It is already legal in many European countries and growers are even subsidized by the European Union. In Greece it is not yet clear to the public that the industrial hemp has nothing to do with marijuana, as the latter contains 16 percent of the psychoactive substance THC, while hemp has only 0.2 percent,” said the SYRIZA MPs.

“The increase in production, export activity and processing of hemp products can boost the Greek economy, generate jobs and bring revenue to public coffers. Therefore there is no reason to further delay legalization of industrial hemp,” they underlined.

Moreover, they stress that their application is crucial as more and more studies demonstrate the beneficial and sometimes therapeutic effects of using cannabis.

“The proven beneficial effect in cases of especially dangerous diseases, such as glaucoma, cancer, epilepsy, anorexia nervosa, malignancies make the legalization of cannabis as medicine — already used in many developed countries — imperative. The criminalization of cannabis use has resulted in leading many patients and their families to acquire cannabis through illegal channels, something that entails substantial loss of revenue for the State, organized crime activities and pushing patients to resort illegal activities,” the lawmakers argued.


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