Greek Farmers Respond to the Government

greek farmers2

Even though PM Alexis Tsipras invited the Greek farmers to an open dialogue regarding the hot issue of the pension reform plan and the security funds, the farmers appear uncompromising to their stand.

According to Tsipras, there is room for improvement regarding the farmers’ levies, the transitivity of the provisions and the issues regarding the protection of their income.

However, the farmers are not convinced. During a press conference, the representative of the board of the farmers’ blockades, Vangellis Boutas, said that the board does not intend to discuss with the government, unless their demands are satisfied. He also mentioned that depending on the response from certain ministries, regarding their demand to descend to Athens with 50 to 100 tractors, the blockades will proceed with new decisions and actions.
Boutas claimed that the farmers are willing to camp at Syntagma square for at least two days and they will participate in the farmers’ demonstration on Friday.

The PM asked the farmers to question why the Mass Media are now glamorizing their struggle, whereas several years ago they were deriding them.


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