Farmers Take Over Athens; Chase Greek Police (video)

feaGreek_farmers_riotsΑ second round of clashes between police and protesting farmers took place at Haidari, on the outskirts of Athens, as farmers were trying to enter the capital on their pickup trucks.

After Cretan farmers attacked the headquarters of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food in Athens and were pushed away by riot police, this time farmers from Peloponnese clashed with police forces.

A little after noon, a convoy of pickup trucks from Peloponnese approached the police block at Haidari. The farmers asked for permission to enter Athens on their vehicles but police told them they can go to central Athens by bus only.

Farmers complained and threw rocks at police, who responded with tear gas and stun grenades.

The farmers wanted to join the massive rally to take place at Syntagma Square to protest against the Greek government’s unpopular pension and tax reforms.

Watch video below:


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