Farmers Intensify Their Struggle Cutting Greece in Two

Greek Farmers

Farmers from central Greece decided to toughen their stance by setting a new roadblock at the 200km point at Bralos interchange.

According to ANA MPA information, “seventy tractors are already at the spot and have closed the entrances and exits to the motorway and have blocked the traffic to all vehicles to and from the strategic point of Bralos and Amfissa, cutting the country in two.”

The police are trying to create exits only for personal vehicles through villages and provincial roads with big detours, whereas regarding heavy vehicles and buses, they will remain immobilized until the roadblocks are over.

The highway of Korinthos – Athens is blocked indefinitely, leading the traffic through a small detour in Kalamaki and therefore causing long lineups of cars.

In the meantime, the Tempe highway is still blocked indefinitely, with the farmers awaiting PM Alexis Tsipras‘ return to Greece, so that they can possibly meet with him on Friday.