Mitsotakis, Schulz Agree Greece’s Borders Should Not Close


The refugee issue dominated a meeting between main opposition New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the president of the European Parliament Martin Schulz on Wednesday in Brussels.

Mitsotakis underlined that Greece‘s northern borders should not close and Schulz shared the same view saying that this is not the solution to the problem. The leader of the main opposition stated that everyone in Europe must understand that Greece alone cannot solve the refugee problem as it also bears the burden of the economic crisis.

On his part, Schulz stressed the importance of supporting Greece, but as he said, Greece should show signs that it does its best to meet its commitments.

Both officials agreed on the key role that Turkey plays in the migration issue. However, they said that the cooperation with the European Union falls short of the expectations and its commitments.

Source: ANA MPA


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