Bulgaria Asks for EU Intervention Regarding Greek Farmers’ Roadblocks


The Bulgarian Parliament is asking for the EU to intervene on the issue of the closed Hellenic-Bulgarian borders, that are being blocked by the tractors of Greek farmers.

According to the Bulgarian Finance Minister, Bozhidar Lukarski, the blocking of both borders — by both the Greek farmers and the anti-blockade by the Bulgarian truck drivers — will lead in bigger economic losses that will not only concern transportation and product supply, but will expand in other sectors of the economy as well.

The Bulgarian Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, Ivaylo Moskovski, mentioned that the Bulgarian “side” suffers on a daily basis, a loss of 300,000-400,000 euros, due to the blocking of the Hellenic-Bulgarian borders.

The traffic of trucks between Greece and Bulgaria has been redirected through Turkey and FYROM, as the Bulgarian border police had to deal with enraged Bulgarian truck drivers who had blocked all passages between Greece and Bulgaria.


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