Greece Has Third Highest Tax Rate in Europe


Greece has the third highest tax rate in Europe, according to a study by the Department of Economics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

The study, reported in one of Greece’s leading daily newspapers Ta Nea, reveals that 40 euros out of every 100 euros that Greek workers make end up in government coffers.

This amount comprises mainly direct and indirect taxes and does not include the property tax called ENFIA, road taxes, special solidarity contribution taxes, and municipality taxes.

According to the study, the total tax burden faced by a Greek household with one wage earner and two children and income of around 35,000 euros is the third highest among 21 European countries. Only Sweden and Denmark have a higher tax rate than Greece, both countries with highly advanced welfare states.

The study also indicates that the ability of Greek wage earners to pay more in taxes has been simply exhausted.


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