Greece Needs to Build Refugee Camps, Says Alternate Migration Minister Mouzalas


    Greece’s Alternate Migration Minister, Yiannis Mouzalas, said that there are countries which do not respect EU’s decisions and there is nothing the EU can do about it, the result being that Greece, as a southern country located at the crossroads of Europe, will suffer the consequences.

    Mouzalas made his comments in connection with the decision by FYROM’s government to seal its southern border with Greece and not allow entrance to Afghan refugees, but only to Iraqis and Syrians.

    The minister went on to say that Greece, therefore, has no option but to offer temporary refuge to these people, which necessitates the quick construction of refugee camps.

    Mouzalas stressed the critical role that Turkey could play in containing the influx of refugees into Greece, but expressed his hope that the NATO patrols in the Aegean will prove successful in deterring human trafficking, which the Turkish government is either unable or unwilling to stop.


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