EU Is Making an Emergency Plan for Greece, Says EU Spokeswoman Natasha Bertaud

    plateia_viktorias_prosfygesAs the Greek migrant crisis is reaching its breaking point, spokeswoman for the European Commission Natasha Bertaud said that the EU is making an emergency plan so a humanitarian crisis can be averted in Greece.

    There are more than 25,000 stranded in Greece and the numbers keep growing by thousands on a daily basis as the Balkan route to Europe is basically sealed off, and the Greek government plans to build an additional 20,000 accommodations centers in the northern part of the country for refugees and migrants.

    In the meantime, in Idomeni, on the Greek-FYROM border, the evacuation of Afghan refugees in Greece is under way, although no journalists are allowed to monitor the procedures.

    As a report for Deutsche Welle reports, “this is not the first time something like this has happened. Two months ago – in early December – Idomeni was cleared of all refugees and migrants who were not from Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan.”

    The Greek authorities are saying that the Afghan refugees and migrants will be taken back to hotspots in Athens, “but these are already full from the thousands of refugees and migrants, who arrived at the Port of Piraeus the previous days.”