Austrian Chancellor has Some Scathing Remarks on Greece’s Refugee Policies


“I cannot understard Greece‘s policy any more. It is not possible that Greece acts like a travel agency that sends the refugees some place else. Greece received 11,000 refugees in the past year, whereas we (received) 90,000. This is not allowed to be repeated,” said Werner Faymann, Austria‘s Chancellor.

In an interview in the Austrian newspaper Oesteraich, the Austrian Chancellor said that “his country will remain consistent with its policy and will maintain the maximum limit of 37,500 people who seek asylum.” “We cannot receive all refugees and that, as head of the government, I will advocate with every diligence.”

Faymann repeated that the European Union could receive over 2 million refugees, if the Austrian policy was implemented proportionally with all 28 country-members of the European Union.

Faymann’s comments come in light of the total number of refugees and migrants on the Greek islands standing at 22,000 people, as of yesterday, although the point of “Greece receiving only 11,000 refugees in the past year” is open to interpretation.