Stavros Theodorakis Re-elected Leader of “Potami” Party

Stavros Theodorakis

Stavros Theodorakis will continue to lead the political party “To Potami“, after Sunday’s voting for the party’s leader.

Theodorakis was re-elected with a percentage of 88.16%, whereas the other candidate, Pavlos Eleftheriadis, collected 11.84%.

“Whoever wants to start something over is a welcome ally. Anyone who believes that he/she can make the party bigger can join. We will make them allies. I will not answer to anything that was heard as I am interested in the party’s unity. I had said that we will forget everything, as long as we agree that on Monday we make a new start,” said Theodorakis. He also added that “this party is not Stavros’, it is (the party) of volunteers, and co-creators. Everyone will understand this in action soon.”