55 Artists, Thinkers and Architects Send a Letter to the Mayor of Athens


“Letters to the Mayor: Athens,” is the name of the current exhibition in Taf art house, in Monastiraki, where artists present their ideas and suggestions for a better city.

The “Letters to the Mayor” exhibition is a touring exhibition in which architects from 20 countries write letters to the mayor of their city in which they live or work. The project started in 2014 in New York with a collection of letters written by architects from all over the world, through which they presented innovative ideas and visions for their cities, addressing the appropriate institutions that make decisions.

For the Athenian version, the letters that are presented in the exhibition are written by painters, architects, academics, writers and thinkers, and will be presented to Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis, who has been invited to an open dialogue with the public for the content of the letters.


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