Eurostat: Greek Unemployment Eases to 24.6% in November 2015

unemploymentThe Greek unemployment rate eased to 24.6% of the workforce in November 2015, slightly from 24.7% in October, Eurostat announced on Tuesday.

In a report released in Brussels, the EU executive’s statistic service said the unemployment rate in the Eurozone was 10.3% in January 2016, from 10.4% in December, the lowest level since August 2011. In the EU-28, the unemployment rate was 8.9%, down from 9.0% in December, the lowest level since May 2009.

The unemployment rate was 11.3% in the Eurozone and 9.8% in the EU in January 2016.

There were 21.78 million people unemployed in the EU and 16.64 million unemployed in the Eurozone in January.

Greece (24.6%) and Spain (20.5%) recorded the highest unemployment rates in the EU, while Germany and Czech Republic (4.5%), Malta and the UK (5.1%) the lowest unemployment rates.

There were 1.18 million unemployed people in Greece. The unemployment rate among young people was 48% in Greece, down from 48.3% in October. Spain (45%), Croatia (44.1%) and Italy (39.3%) also recorded high unemployment rates among young people.
(source: ana-mpa)