FYROM Authorities Increase Security on Border With Greece at Idomeni Site

idomeniAuthorities in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) have reinforced security measures in a no-man’s land on the frontier between Greece and FYROM in order to avert another attempt by migrants and refugees to break through the barriers and enter the country, local media reported on Tuesday.

The Skopje government has significantly increased the number of police and military forces deployed in neutral zone, while two army and police helicopters were carrying out regular aerial patrols. According to sources, an additional 700 police officers and troops had been sent to the area.

Greece’s northern neighbor has stopped allowing refugees through as of Monday afternoon, following the clashes between migrants and security forces at the border. FYROM police sources said the point of passage in the no-man’s land between Idomeni and Gevgelija, the border town on the FYROM side, will remain closed until tension subsides and the situation normalizes.
(source: ana-mpa)