UN: Refugee Crisis in Europe Could Explode into Violence

eidomeni_synoraThe United Nations refugee agency warns Europe is on the verge of an explosive self-induced humanitarian crisis, which could spiral out of control and result in widespread violence.

The agency reports the number of refugees and migrants in Greece in need of shelter has soared to 24,000. This, it says, includes around 9,000 people stranded near the border with FYROM. It says the crowded conditions are leading to shortages of food, shelter, water and sanitation.

Vincent Cochetel is UNHCR’s refugee crisis in Europe coordinator. He says the congestion at border crossings along the Balkan migratory route is leading to frustration among the migrants and refugees.

“They do not understand that they can no longer move onward, that they have to queue; they have to go through the relocation process — for those eligible for relocation and it is not everybody. So, there is a lot of frustration building up, which may lead to acts of violence,” said Cochetel.
(source: VOA)