Greek Village Residents Protest Against Refugee Camp by Plowing Site Field

agr708_0The villagers of Athyra in northern Greece decided to protest against the establishment of a refugee camp in their area by plowing the field intended for camp site.

The action took place on Thursday night at Athyra, in the Pella region, with locals plowing the 100-acre film where a 3,000-capacity migrant hospitality center is to be set.

When the army unit responsible for setting up the camp arrived on Friday morning, they found the field plowed, thereby impossible to set up tents and other facilities.

Before plowing the field, village residents verbally attacked Pella Mayor Grigoris Stamkos who went to the village to announce the city council decision.

Initially, the camp was to be set up at former military camp Filippakos at Giannitsa. However, locals set fire to the camp facilities on Saturday night.