Greece to Have 15 Refugee Camps Ready by Sunday

metanasteytiko-mytilini3Greece is to have 15 new refugee hosting areas with a total capacity of 17,400 people by Sunday, with four of them being in the Attica region.

The four Attica camps will be at Malakasa (4,000 capacity), Afidnes (3,000 capacity), Agios Andreas (500 capacity) and Elaionas (700 capacity).

The remaining camps will be at Drama (800 refugees), Thermopylae (400 people), Epirus at four different locations with a total capacity of 2,000 people, Thessaly, four different locations to host 2,000 people and Litochoro (4,000 people).

At the same time the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees will construct camps for 20,000 more refugees and migrants.

Meanwhile there is a discrepancy on the number of refugees and migrants who are stranded in Greece. According to the Red Cross, 50,000 people are trapped in Greece at the moment. However, Deputy Social Solidarity Minister Theano Photiou said that the number is 32,000.

“This is a purely humanitarian crisis, perhaps the largest in Europe ever, and must be approached calmly,” said the President of Greek Red Cross Antonis Avgerinos, who spoke at MEGA television on Sunday.