Aging Greek Population is Worrisome

    ellinopoulo31__article__articleGreece is aging faster than many other countries in Europe, thereby adding to the difficulties facing the country in resolving its massive economic problems.

    According to data released by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) and published in the Greek daily Kathimerini, the number of births in 2014 hit an all-time low, with the number of deaths exceeding those of birth by over 2 percent.

    The highest number of births were recorded in 1980, but there is a steady decline after that, with 2008 being the only exception when births were higher than in 2007.

    ELSTAT’s data shows that only in Crete and in the southern Aegean region are birth rates higher than death rates.

    ELSTAT’s data also shows that the average age for Greek women to have children is 31 years of age, while also noticeable is the number of births to unmarried women (13.1%), although still much lower than in many other European countries.