Mayors of Barcelona, Lesvos and Lambedusa Sign a Cooperation Agreement on Refugee Issue


The mayor of Lesvos Spyros Galinos visited Barcelona to sign on Tuesday a cooperation and friendship agreement of the highest importance and symbolism that links three municipalities; Mytilene, Barcelona and Lambedusa.

“Our aim is to promote Lesvos through an international municipal campaign to strengthen and support tourism,” Galinos stated to ANA-MPA. The agreement was signed by the mayors of the three cities – Galinos (Mytilene), Ada Colau (Barcelona) and Giuseppina Nicolini (Lambedusa).

The agreement reflects the start of a new strategic cooperation, based on three sectors — political, environmental/tourist, and cultural — with the view to exchanging good practices and providing assistance to each other.

According to the Spanish website El Público, who cited Colau’s speech, this agreement marks the willingness of the three municipalities to build a common front “against the passivity of the EU and its member states.”

“We can no longer expect anything from the governments, thus the cities by ourselves we have to be motivated,” said Colau, adding that “this coalition permits the cooperation among cities who jettison this inhumane Europe.”

The mayor of the Catalan metropolis also revealed that although the municipality of the city is ready to accept and help refugees from Syria, the central government of Madrid turns a blind eye to the respective calls and keeps not fulfilling the agreed quotas of refugee relocations.

Colau also asked the leaders of Europe not to stipulate the “illegal and immoral” agreement between EU and Turkey.

From her part, the mayor of Lambedusa Nicolini stressed that the Mediterranean should be transformed to a “place of contact between populations and not to a border against them” and underlined the willingness, expressed by the three mayors, to “construe a new vision, completely different in regard to the one EU promotes.”

Nicolini has also stretched out a helping hand to Lesvos, acknowledging that the Greek island has to assume the largest burden of the migrant flows: “The mayors of the Greek islands will not be alone to this endeavor, like Lambedusa was back in 2011,” said Nicolini, stating also the efforts the municipality has undertaken to the restoration of tourism and normality on the island.

Source: ANA MPA