Greece’s Top Fashion Bloggers


Meet Greece’s top fashion bloggers that have taken over the internet with their style:

Filio Metsi – All you need is style ( )

Filio is the smiley girl behind Traveling between Athens and LA, Filio blogs about styling, food, traveling, beauty, fitness and shopping.


Despoina Isopoulou – You strike my fancy ( )

Despoina is a fashion stylist, a writer and a consultant with experience in Vogue Hellas as well as various other Greek fashion publications. Her blog is dedicated to beauty, accessories, art, traveling and fashion journalism.

Korina Vrousia – Type my style (

Korina is a beauty and a fashion guru at the same time who is obsessed with nice things. Apart from social managing, she also runs, where she blogs about fashion, beauty tips, traveling and inspirational photos.


Nefeli and Natalia – Twin Fashion ( 

The sister Nefeli and Natalia, even though they are not twins, act always as one. With education in Finance and Mass Media and Fashion Business and Marketing, the girls have an interesting “moodboard” blog, that combines traveling with fashion and styling.


Evaggelia Smyrniotaki – Style Heroine ( )

 Evangelia has plenty of experience in fashion as she has designed a ready-to-wear collection for Tom Wood, she has worked as a fashion editor for Nomas Magazine and she has been an ambassador for designer Elie Saab in the Cannes Film Festival, as well as for L’ Officiel Italia for the New York Fashion Week. Her blog is all about personal style, fine editorials, beauty and traveling.


Alexandra Drakou – Muse Rebelle (

Ever since she was a little girl, Alexandra followed her mother to fashion shows. She also worked as a model for 7 years. After she had her children, she combined her experience for fashion and created where is blogs about editorials, personal style and outfits, beauty and ventures.


Chrysianna Andriopoulou – Shoprano ( ) 

Chrysianna combined her studies in Business Economics with her love for fashion and created a unique personal style. Leggings, sneakers and leather jackets that are smartly combined in fashionable outfits are what you will find on, along with great inspirational photos.


Eleni Kostopoulou – Cloudline Chic Flows ( )

Eleni chooses photos very carefully as well as the beautifully well-written pieces that are featured in her blog, as she wants to bring out a unique fashion way of living, which is one the aspects of life that amaze and inspire her.


Dena Tsalaga – Style Limelight (

After completing a degree in Architecture and Mechanics, Dena pursued a master’s degree in London where she also lives. Apart from the ordinary fashion posts, features posts with personal outfits, street style, trend reports, architecture and everything about interior design.

Style Limelight

Eirini Siasou & Katerina Dymenou – The blame on mame ( )

A Social Scientist in International Affairs and an environmentalist, combined their shared love for fashion and created, after the song on Rita Hayworth. Describing their daily life filled with fashion , traveling, street style, weather, even food choices, Eirini and Katerina created a unique timeline.

The blame on mame




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