Latest Poll Shows 71% of People Do Not Trust Tspiras; Greeks Want Change in Government


According to a poll by Alco for the “Proto Thema” newspaper, the New Democracy (ND) party is several points ahead of SYRIZA.

More specifically, regarding the voting intentions of Greek citizens, ND collects 21.1% against SYRIZA’s 17.3%. The parties that follow are Golden Dawn with 6.1%, ΚΚΕ with 5%, Democratic Allience with 3.6%, Union of Centrists with 2.6%, Independent Greeks with 2.2% and To Potami with 1.8%.

38% of the people who participated in the poll, are interested in the formation of a different government from this Parliament, 21% want new elections, whereas 22% approve of the SYRIZA – Independent Greeks cohabitation.

What may be most surprising, is the fact that 81% of the participants think that the government has lost its “moral advantage”. This is proven from the fact that 71% of the participants say that they do not trust PM Alexis Tsipras any more, whereas 84% criticize the government’s performance.

In addition, 67% of the people think that the government is making false moves regarding the management of the refugee and migrant crisis, whereas 85% think that there is no more space for additional taxes and pension cuts.

Lastly, 72% of the people who were asked, appear pessimistic regarding the country’s situation in the next six months.