Greek Police Clash With Chios Residents Protesting Refugee Transfer [video]

    550_334_498110A violent clash between Chios residents protesting against a refugee transfer and police resulted in three locals suffering injuries on Sunday night.

    Residents of the Tampakika region of Chios staged a protest complaining about the transfer of refugees to be deported to a building that until recently was serving as a migrant registration center. According to locals, there was fear that the migrants would react violently to their deportation.

    Tampakika residents tried to block the passage of police buses that were transferring the migrants. Police tried to disperse the locals using their clubs. As a result, three people were injured.

    Migrants refuse to be transferred to accommodation centers

    Migrants refuse to be transferred to refugee camps in fear that they will end up staying there for an indefinite time or be deported to Turkey.

    On Sunday, several buses were sent to Piraeus Port to take refugees to the Elaionas refugee hospitality center. No migrant boarded the buses, that ended up leaving empty a few hours later.

    Meanwhile, on the Greece-Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia border at Idomeni, thousands of stranded migrants demand the opening of the border. Despite repeated attempts by the Greek government, the refugees refuse to leave the area in the hope that the border might open.

    As a protest act, they have blocked the Thessaloniki-Euzoni national highway at two points and do not allow cargo trucks to pass.

    On Sunday, a truck driver threatened to pass through the human block, but police intervened and convinced the driver to follow an alternative route.