Barrage of Turkish Fighter Jets Fly Over Greece


    A barrage of Turkish fighter jets over Greek territory has been marked on Monday noon. Two Turkish fighter jets flew over Oinousses around 1:30 pm and an hour and a half later, the same action was spotted over North-Eastern Lesvos.

    The two F-16 fighter jets entered the Athens FIR (Flight Information Region) through Lesvos and Chios, and flew over Oinousses at 9,000 feet. The Turkish jets were recognized according to international regulations and left the Athens FIR.

    Later on, another pair of Turkish fighter jets, one F-4 and a KC-135, entered the Athens FIR through Lemnos and Lesvos and flew upwards of the North-Eastern tip of Lesvos island at 22,000 feet. The aircrafts were recognized according to regulations and withdrew according to common practice.