IMF Chief: Greece Just Sits and Waits, Government Must Assume Responsibility


Greece refuses to take ownership of reforms and measures and stalls negotiations, said International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde.

The IMF chief spoke to Bloomberg in the aftermath of a series of acrimonious remarks against the fund made by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and top cabinet members.

“Greece cannot just continuously tag along and expect that things will be sorted out,” she said. She added that a state leader must assume responsibility for the economic recovery of his country.

Lagarde was critical of the Greek government stance for not taking ownership of the measures and reforms needed to exit the economic crisis. On top of that, Greek officials claim that reforms are enforced by the creditors.

“You know, our job was to lend international money from the overall community — including from very low-income countries, even from poor euro area members — to a country that had to conduct reforms and that had misrepresented its numbers,” the IMF head underlined.

When asked about the prospects of a Grexit, the IMF chief noted that “we’re not out of the Greek situation yet. And I think the present circumstances with the migration and the refugees are going to strengthen the critical role Greece is playing in the EU.”



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