Tension Heightens at Idomeni Borders; Berlin Expresses Concerns


Tension broke out at the Idomeni refugee camp on Monday afternoon, a day after the incidents that occurred between refugees, migrants and the FYROM police authorities, during which 30 people were injured by rubber bullets.

Refugees and solidarity supporters climbed on an old wagon and pushed it from the railway station of Idomeni, until the transit where all the police vans are stopped. The wagon was stopped right before it rammed into vans.

About 100 people were on the wagon, waving the Greek flag and shouting chants asking for the borders to open. Plenty of people were also on the rail tracks upon which the wagon is still on.

Berlin Expresses Concerns Over the Situation in Idomeni

The German head of the governmental press, Steffen Seibert, expressed Germany’s concerns over the situation that unfolds in Idomeni, calling again all refugees and migrants to abandon the temporary camp.

“We are watching with great concern the harsh conditions of living in the temporary camp in Idomeni, as well as the incidents that occurred the past 24-48 hours at the borders of Greece and FYROM,” Seibert said. “We are asking the refugees, once again, to use the alternatives that the Greek government is offering, which are definitely better for them [refugees] and their children, than what they are currently finding in Idomeni right now,” he added.