U.S. F-15s Fly Low Over Athens for a Photo Over the Acropolis


    Two U.S. fighter jets flew at low height over Athens on Wednesday morning, in order to be photographed flying over the Acropolis.

    The two F-15s were flying along with three Greek F-16s, one of which was responsible for taking the photo of the two U.S. aircrafts passing over the Acropolis.

    The citizens of Athens were deeply baffled and at unease by the noise caused by the low flight in addition to sight of the aircrafts.

    The U.S. fighter jets were participating along with the Greek and Israeli air force in the Iniohos 2016 military exercise at Andravida air base. Twelve F-15E aircrafts and approximately 260 U.S. airmen are participating in the training event.