Greek Deputy Minister of Defense Commits to Normalized Refugee Flow by Easter


“Piraeus Port will see the transfer of refugees and migrants to other areas by Easter, while at the same time the situation in Idomeni as well as in Elliniko, will begin to normalize,” said Deputy Defense Minister, Dimitris Vitsas.

Appearing on Mega TV, on Saturday morning, Dimitris Vitsas explained that at Piraeus Port, there are currently 3,600 people that will remain at the port until Monday. 2,000 people will leave the port for Skaramangas and other accommodation spaces, while, the remaining 1,600 people will be transferred by the end of next week.

He also highlighted that ever since the implementation of a bilateral accord between the European Union and Turkey, “there has been a significant decrease of the refugee and migrant flows, a fact that facilitated the management of the issue.”

Space for 4,000 refugees and migrants in Skaramangas

More that 3,700 refugees and migrants who are currently in Piraeus are expected to be transferred to an accommodation center in Skaramangas, where the military forces are working constantly to install housing and a sewage system.

The transportation procedure, will most likely occur on Thursday morning, according to a new plan by the Ministry of Shipping.