New poll: ND 4.4% Ahead of SYRIZA


Vima newspaper, published in its Sunday edition a recent poll by KAPA research, according to which New Democracy (ND) is ahead of SYRIZA by 4.4%.

The majority of the participants in the poll (70%), see the negotiations with the creditors’ negatively, three out of ten believe that the negotiations must end immediately, while 26% of the participants believe that the negotiations must continue, even if the economy is pressured.

When asked about voting intentions, SYRIZA got 18.4% of the vote compared to ND receiving 21.4%. For the other parties: PASOK-DIMAR received 6%, Golden Dawn 5.4%, KKE 4.9%, Centrists Union 2.6%, ANEL 2.5% and Potami 1.8%.