Afghan Girl Staying at Greek Migrant Camp Dies; Exact Cause Unknown

elliniko-1070A 17-year-old Afghan female migrant died on Tuesday at Laiko Hospital in Athens from what appears to be a series of complications.

The teenager was staying with her family at the makeshift migrant camp at former Athens airport at Elliniko. The young female was taken to the hospital on April 14 for suffering abdominal pain due to gastroenteritis. Doctors decided to keep her in the hospital for treatment.

However, the parents of the 17-year-old chose to take her back with them to the camp. During the day, however, her condition deteriorated and she was transferred back to the hospital where she was intubated.

According to her parents, the young woman had suffered from rheumatoid fever in Afghanistan. Doctors said this had caused severe heart failure, leading to four cardiac arrests while she was in the Intensive Care Unit.

The cause of death is not known, as her parents refused an autopsy.

Authorities worry about epidemics at Elliniko makeshift migrant camp

According to Greek authorities, the sanitary conditions at the old Athens airport are dangerous for the approximately 4,000 refugees and migrants who stay there.

However, no steps have been taken for the improvement of the living conditions of refugees as the pertinent state agencies try to transfer all refugees and migrants who camp there to official hospitality centers.

The coordinating committee for the refugee crisis said that on Tuesday there were 54,062 registered migrants and refugees in Greek territory, with 7,515 currently on eastern Aegean islands.

On Wednesday morning, a total of 150 migrant arrivals were recorded on the islands of Lesbos and Chios.