UNICEF: 25% of Greek Children Suffer Poverty

    Children in GreeceChildren in Greece have suffered sharply deteriorating conditions over the past twenty years and child poverty rose by 6.3% between 1995 and 2015.

    In 2014, 25.3% of children were living in poverty in Greece, affecting some 424,000, reported UNICEF in its latest report on children at risk of poverty in Greece. Average spending for a household with two children totaled 1,551 euros in 2014, compared with 2,359 in 2010.

    Families’ unable to afford at least 4 out of 9 goods and services between rent, electricity, water, heating, meat, holidays, a television set, a car and a telephone stood at 26.8% for those with children in 2015. UNICEF noted that, on the basis of an analysis of Eurostat data, Greek GDP has dropped by a quarter since 2008, while unemployment rose sharply to 27% (50% among youth) and that one out of every five people suffer severe material deprivation.
    (source: ANSA)