Further Clashes Erupt Between Migrants in Pireaus

Refugees Arrive at PiraeusFurther signs of tension were evident early today at the Piraeus port in the city of Athens, Greece when minor scuffles broke out between Afghan migrants. One 18-year-old required hospital treatment.

Meanwhile, another migrant was detained after being accused of attempted theft. He was allegedly seen on board a commercial truck attempting to steal alcohol.

While the camp in Pireaus is one of many scattered around Athens, it came to greater international prominence last month following the visit of Hollywood actress and UNHCR goodwill ambassador, Angelina Jolie. Some 4,000 are camped around terminals at the port. During her visit to Greece, Jolie met with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

30,000 people are trapped on the Greek mainland due to unilateral actions by Balkan countries.

Jolie also visited another camp in Eleonas, Athens, which was housing some 700 people awaiting relocation.

Elsewhere, in the northern city of Idomeni, over 11,000 migrants still harbour hopes that they will be granted permission to make their way towards other European countries, particularly Germany.

As one migrant put it, ‘We are not leaving. We will stay here until the border opens and we can continue our journey to Germany. I won’t go back. There is a war in my country’