2,680 Refugees in Piraeus Port


The number of refugees and migrants currently in Piraeus port is 2,680. According to Greek media, 300 people are expected to be transferred to the Skaramangas accommodation center.

On Thursday morning, three ships with 52 refugees and migrants arrived at the country’s biggest port. The ferry “Prevelis” carried six people from Rhodes, the ferry “Blue Start 1” brought 38 people from Lesvos and five from Chios, whereas the ferry “Nisos Rhodos” brought three more people from Lesvos.

In the meantime, 164 refugees and migrants are being transferred today from Lesvos and Chios in accommodation spaces in Leros.

53,717 Refugees and Migrants in Greece on Thursday; Low Level Flows to Aegean Islands

53,717 identified refugees and migrants were on the Greek territory on Holy Thursday, including 60 persons that arrived on the Greek islands in the last 24 hours.

According to the Refugee Crisis Management Coordination Body’s figures, 29,293 of the refugees are in northern Greece, 10,172 of them are at the Idomeni camp, 14,393 are hosted in the Attica region, 7,773 on the Greek islands and 2,258 are hosted in different areas in central and southern Greece.

Meanwhile, refugees and migrants‘ flow to the islands of the northern Aegean remain at low levels.

Only 41 persons arrived in Lesvos in the last 24 hours while no arrivals were reported on Chios and Samos.

Fire out at Lesvos hot spot
Firemen on the island of Lesvos were battling a fire at a mattress storage area in the Morias hot spot, authorities said on Thursday. Initial reports suggested the blaze was caused by a short circuit.

(with information from ANA MPA)