Online Game on Greek Nature by WWF


    A unique online quiz game on Greek nature is now available on the internet. The game “Around the World in 80 questions,” was created by the environmental organization WWF, and constitutes a fun way to explore Greece through unexpected questions like “Where is the Greek Canada located ?,” “How can you recognize the jackal’s howl ?,” “Why are flamingos pink?” etc.

    Everyone can learn the unknown strands of Greek nature, through a clever game that combines graphics and images. The application, for which the Department of Digital Systems of the University of Piraeus pitched in the creation, consists of three levels — from Thrace to the Cyclades and from there to Attica — while it rewards players with a “greener” way of thinking with more points.

    “It is a different and fun journey through which you get to know our land and its beauty, its needs but as well suggestions to live better,” says Natalia Kalevra, the WWF Greece scientific manager for the game.  “The game addresses teenagers, youngsters but as well teachers and parents, inviting them to look at the Greek nature differently,” she adds. “Around the World in 80 questions also comes to broaden the ecological company of “Ecoscopio kids” and “Ecoscopio” apps, which were created to inform the audience — from pre-school children to students and researchers — in a contemporary and free way about the Greek environment,” Kalevra says.

    You can play the game here