The Olympias Τrireme Sails Again


    For several days now, a wooden trireme is decorating the grove of the Greek Navy Tradition in Faliro, Greece. The “Olympias” trireme is an exact copy of the ancient Athenian ship of the 5th century B.C., and on August 11, 2004, it carried the Olympic Flame to Piraeus.

    Designed by Trireme Trust, the construction of the Olympias trireme begun in 1985 and was completed two years later. At first, the ship was used in sailings of experimental archaeology, while in 1993, it traveled to Britain in regards to an event that celebrated the 2,500 years since the birth of democracy in Greece. For ten consecutive years, the Olympias trireme did not sail; however, after the necessary maintenance works, the ship is again on sea.