Greek Labor Unions Announce 48-Hour General Strike Against Planned Pension and Tax Reforms


    GSEE and ADEDY labor unions have announced that they will proceed with a 48-hour strike on Friday and Saturday, responding to the voting of the pension and tax reforms over the weekend.

    “The government and creditors’ new anti-labor and anti-popular austerity measures will not pass,” was ADEDY‘s message. “Our response will be given at the streets with constant struggle,” GSEE mentioned.

    As ADEDY highlighted in its announcement, the government is bringing a new tax invasion thatwill sink the Greek society even more, while ADEDY is calling people to cancel the government’s plans. From its part, GSEE highlighted that, “as long as the government is ignoring the society and its needs, as long as it remains endorsed in measures and politics that make the devastated people of the paid labor even poorer, our answer will be given at the streets with constant struggle.”

    The 48-hour strike will include demonstrations, strikes at public transportation, trains and ships as well as journalists’ strike from Friday May 6 till Sunday, May 8.