Greek Farmers Prepare to Protest Pension and Tax Reforms in Athens


The Greek farmers‘ Coordinating Committee has announced their participation in the demonstrations that will take place in Athens on the day of the voting of the pension and tax reform plans.

The farmers’ announcement highlights that the bills will bring financial destruction to their income, without health services and with decreases in the pensions of farmers, breeders, young farmers, self-employed, workers and pensioners, and calls everyone to resist.

“The SYRIZA-ANEL government does not surprise us anymore; fake promises just like the previous ones. During the two meetings that took place at the government headquarters, the Prime Minister promised to protect the farmers and breeders, young farmers, as well as to assure our conquests. It was Prime Minister Alexis Tripras’ biggest lie toward farmers and breeders. Since he fooled us in the elections, he is now dumping us and did not support us against the Troika,” the announcement highlights.

“[…] In addition, he talks about a discussion that happened during the demonstrations and as the wise people say ‘don’t expect freedom from the kneeled.’ This farmers’ descent to Athens is imperative. We must not back down. The measures must not pass.”