Alexis Tsipras: There Is Another Way for Greece and for Europe


There is another way for Greece and for Europe, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Monday said referring to the crucial meeting of the Eurogroup and the decision to include the Greek debt in the agenda of the debate.

At the opening of a conference on primary healthcare, Tsipras said that Monday’s Eurogroup is critical and underlined that “what is probably more important is the agenda of this meeting”.

“I do not need to mention how important it is that this debate begins. Debt relief is necessary and can create a whole new climate in the Greek economy, to give a breather to the fiscal condition of the country and a signal that finally we left from the vicious circle and we are entering into a virtuous cycle,” the prime minister said.

“This is the reason why the debt issue was a central negotiating objective of the government as opposed to the previous government which constantly talked about sustainable debt and was just asking for a certificate of sustainability, despite the fact that all analysts were claiming the opposite.”

Every step forward for the Greek economy, whether it relates to the necessary debt relief, whether it relates to the positive results we have on performance of the economy, every positive step will be transformed into concrete policies for the rehabilitation of social justice and the support of the weaker, either directly or through the reconstruction and strengthening of the social state, said Tsipras.

Moreover, he said that all necessary steps will be made in order to support the country, to turn the page, and build a future of fairness, social protection and justice.

Source: ANA MPA