Giola, Thasos Amongst Business Insider’s List with 18 Incredible European Destinations


    Business Insider has put together a list with the top 18 European destinations that tourists have not yet discovered, therefore making them enjoyable without hordes of travelers.

    The list includes destinations from islands and beaches to villages and attractions from all over Europe. Some of these locations are difficult to access, while others remain local secrets, explaining their “purity” and why they haven’t been flocked with tourists yet. Amongst these 18 destinations, a unique location in Greece made it — that is Giola in Thasos.

    Giola is a natural rocky pool located within the Astris region of Greece. The height of the rocks reach up to 8 meters from where the swimmers can dive. Visitors need to walk a trail to reach it, but once they do, they can enjoy a water reservoir with stunningly clear waters.

    Giola is also known as “The Tear of Aphrodite.” The myth says that this pool was created by Zeus so that his daughter Aphrodite could swim. Another myth, claims that the pool was Zeus’s eye, through which he could “spy” on his lover.