1,000 Refugees on Hunger Strike Against Subhuman Conditions at Elliniko Camp


A thousand refugees at Elliniko, 10 km south of the Athens center, began a hunger strike on Monday to protest against the squalid living conditions at the camp where they are being kept. Anti-racism activist group Movement Against Fascism and the Fascist Threat (KEERFA) issued a statement describing the condition at the camp, where many children end up being hospitalized after suffering from abdominal pains and diarrhea.

The statement notes that the healthcare services are insufficient and hygiene is lacking. Many refugees in the past have resorted to bathing at the nearby beach, a practice that is discouraged. The water has a strange taste even after being boiled, causing a number of cases of gastroenteritis.

Many refugees complain that they are being held there by force, coerced to stay with warnings that they may face arrest if their papers for asylum are not in order during inspection.

KEERFA demands that local authorities improve the living conditions. Nearby medical staff of the Asklipio Hospital in Voula are urged to give assistance.


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