Most Migrants on Greece-FYROM Border Have Expired Permits

filesThe majority of refugees and migrants stranded in Idomeni, on the Greece – Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, are there with expired documents, said Migration Policy Minister Yannis Mouzalas.

“The (registration) papers of 70 percent of the people at Idomeni have already expired,” the minister said, meaning that many of the 10,000 or so migrants at the makeshift camp can be arrested as illegal migrants, according to a Kathimerini report.

“What we are saying is that if they are moved to other camps around the country their documents will be automatically validated and renewed,” he said.

Government sources have told Kathimerini that the evacuation of migrants from the Idomeni camp could begin in two weeks, when the necessary accommodation centers are ready.

A police source told Kathimerini that, “The truth is that we do not have the capability yet to transfer all these people to organized centers.”

The problem of the expired temporary permits is not confined to Idomeni but appears in migrant camps outside Athens and Thessaloniki as well, these being the only two cities where migrants can submit asylum applications.

According to the Kathimerini report, in a bid to deal with the mass of asylum applications, special mobile units will move from camp to camp, beginning May 23, to process as many applications as possible.


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