Haunting Time Lapse Images: Kyra Frosyni Lives on at Lake Pamvotida [Video]


Exquisitely haunting time lapse footage of the clouds covering Lake Pamvotida, the largest lake of Epirus, located in Ioannina, is the latest work by Athens-based filmmaker and photographer Alexandros Maragos.

The legends of the uncommonly beautiful lake, such as that of Kyra Frosyni, come to life in this footage. Renown in the area for her beauty and intelligence, Kyra Frosyni lived with her husband, a Greek merchant who was often away on business. Independent and passionate, she had an affair with Muhtar Pasha, Ali Pasha’s son, the region’s ruler. Locked in prison by Ali Pasha for adultery, she was later drowned along with 17 other women.

An aura of mist and murder give a melancholic feel. Can you see the ghosts whizzing past the footage?

Timelapse: Night at the Lake of Ioannina (excerpt) from Alexandros Maragos on Vimeo.