Migration Min Mouzalas: Makeshift Refugee Camp at Piraeus Port Must be Evacuated by Mid-June


Migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas told the Parliament on Friday that the government is planning to evacuate the makeshift refugee camp at Piraeus Port by mid-June and transfer the refugees and migrants to facilities with more dignified conditions.

“In such big crises, the initial management is way worse than the ones that we are trying to do. Until mid-June the first relocation to more dignified conditions will have been achieved,” the Migration Minister said.

“We are striving to salvage the country’s dignity and that of these unfortunate people,” he added.

Mouzalas said that some of the refugees and migrants who will be removed from Piraeus port will be transferred to the accommodation center in Skaramangas. In addition, he said that another center will also be created to accommodate the people who will be transferred from Piraeus.

Skaramangas is a good center right now. We have worse and every day we are striving to improve them,” he commented.


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