Refugees Enter Municipal Meeting Holding Snakes and Scorpions


Refugees holding snakes and scorpions barged into the hall where a meeting was being held by the Municipality of Larissa, capital and the largest city of Thessaly. The goal of the protestors was to show the wretched conditions at the camp of Koutsoherou where poisonous snakes and scorpions enter tents and hygiene is horrendous with dozens of cases of gastroenteritis and infections.

Refugees and other groups are seeking the closure of the camp and the transport of the settlement to Larissa. They liken the camp to Dachau concentration camp and Makronisos island prison.

Earlier, plans for the creation of homes around the camp to improve the conditions had been unveiled by the Mayor of Larisa, whereas the regional KTEL public bus service had intervened to assist refugees on routes to and from the reception center.


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