Jan Fabre: “I Supported Greek Artists, But Some of them were a Bit Stupid”


    Jan Fabre spoke for the first time for everything that bothered him in regards to the Greek Festival, in an interview with Nea newspaper.

    “I supported the Greek artists, but some of them were a bit stupid and blind,” Fabre told Nea newspaper, on the occasion of his exhibition “Spiritual Guards” which is being presented in Florence.

    “I am an artist and a curator. And as and artist and a curator, I must be given absolute freedom, it is a fundamental value. The way the situation was shaped I had no freedom. If you take a close look at the way I think, I really supported Greek artists. But some of them were a bit stupid and blind,” he said.

    Fabre also referred to an effort to give unsold tickets to the play “Mount Olympus” in Thessaloniki last fall, to artists and students. “The administration of the Thessaloniki Concert Hall did not allow it. You come from a very complicated country. I was fighting for new artists, but the Greeks turned them down,” Fabre tells Nea.