Beginning of the End for Mega Channel?

    megaUnfortunate news for Mega Chanel, as information released from Newpost, reported that the end of the channel’s era was decided earlier in Tuesday’s meeting with the board of directors of Teletypos SA.

    During the meeting, Theoharis Filipopoulos withdrew his proposal to save the channel from bankruptcy and according to sources he said that “since everyone is abandoning the effort to save Mega, I too withdraw the effort to participate in its salvation.”

    On Friday, Teletypos SA is going to publish an announcement according to which the stake holders will no longer form the company. Therefore, the banks will have to proceed with declaring bankruptcy for the channel.

    In the meantime, employees and shareholders are making last-minute efforts to find a solution after today’s futile meeting. Employees will meet today in order to discuss a plan of action after today’s events.


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