Kea Shipwrecks Celebrate Centenary and Promote Diving Tourism [Video]


In November 1916, two ships were wrecked off the coast of Kea, a Cycladic island in the Aegean. The Municipality of Kea and the Friends of Kea Society are casting the spotlight with a program of events aimed at promoting thematic tourism to the island. The celebrations, titled “100 Years of Kea Shipwrecks,” run from September 30-October 2.

The two ships — S/S Burdigala and the HMHS Britannic (a sister ship of the Titanic) — sank in November 14 and 21 respectively after hitting mines laid by the German submarine U73. The Britannic has been studied a great deal following its discovery by Jean-Jacques Cousteau in 1975, however there is still mystery surrounding the S/S Burdigala that was found in 2008.

It is hoped that a state-of-the-art diving exhibition center and underwater museum will be created in the future. CLICK HERE for the full program of events.


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