OAKA Basketball Stadium to be Renamed After Retired Basketball Player Nikos Galis


Deputy Minister of Athletics, Stavros Kontonis, announced the renaming of the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens (OAKA) basketball stadium to “Nikos Galis” — one of Greece’s greatest retired basketball players.

“I would like to thank the State and its initiative. It’s a great honor for me, as well as my teammates at that era. I believe that we have offered a lot to the people, the youth and the Greek society,” Nikos Galis commented after the announcement of the decision.

“The government decision is the least that we could do to honor an athlete who set the foundations of high standards in the Greek basketball in the last 30 years and changed the lives of athletes regardless of their sport. I would dare to say that this initiative should have been implemented earlier,” said Stavros Kontonis.

Nikos Galis will meet with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in the time that follows.