Bulgaria Returns Migrants Who Entered Illegally from Greece

Bulgarian-Turkish-border-fence-photo-ministry-of-defence-bulgaria-cropBulgaria has intercepted about 100 migrants who crossed its border with Greece illegally, the country’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said on Sunday.

According to an AFP report, 56 Afghans and 40 Syrians who were hiding on a freight train coming from Greece were stopped on Saturday. The migrants had paid human traffickers 200 euros each to cross the border and then to be transferred to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The Bulgarian prime minister said that the Afghan migrants were returned to Greece the same day. “A record speed for Europe”, he commented. Regarding the 40 Syrians, they will be investigated and likely they will be sent back next week, he added.

Bulgaria is deploying army staff along the western part of its border with Greece in order to aid police to prevent migrants and human traffickers from entering the country, Borisov said. At the same time, the Balkan country is building an additional wire fence on its border with Turkey and Greece.