Greeks Are EU Unemployment Champs: Over One Million Jobless in February


Eurostat, the EU statistics agency, calculated unemployment in Greece at 24.2 percent in February compared to 24.4 percent in January. In the Eurozone, the 19 EU member states had a steady rate of unemployment in April 2016 at 10.2 percent when compared with March, with the lowest level of joblessness noted in August 2011. In the EU28, unemployment was at 8.7 percent (compared with 8.8 percent in March), the lowest level since May 2009.

There was no data for unemployment in Greece for March and April, 2016. In April, there were 21.22 million unemployed people in the EU and 16.42 million unemployed in the Eurozone.

The highest level of unemployment was recorded for Greece at 24.2 percent in February followed by Spain at 20.1 percent. The lowest rates of joblessness were for the Czech Republic at 4.1 percent, Germany at 4.2 percent and Malta at 4.3 percent.

The number of unemployed in February was at 1.16 million in Greece of which 20.6 percent were men and 28.7 percent were women. A small drop was noted in youth unemployment (under 25 years) with 51.9 percent unemployment levels in January and 51.4 percent in February.

Greece was the country with the highest rate of youth unemployment (51.4 percent), followed by Spain (45 percent), Croatia (38.9 percent) and Italy (36.9 percent). The lowest rates were in Germany (7 percent), Malta (8.9 percent) and the Czech Republic (9.5 percent).

Youth unemployment in the Eurozone was at 21.1 percent in April and 18.8 percent in the EU28.